'Vantage Point' is a topic that caught my imagination on a trip to the US, where I spent time visiting a number of National Parks.

I became intrigued by the way in which these parks are set up, in order that the visitor is guided with as much ease as possible, directly towards the predetermined, most stunning vista.

It seemed to me, that in our increasingly consumerist and visual society, even nature was being removed from its origins of space and freedom. It was then presented as a structured medium to satisfy a modern society, used to accessibility and expectant of drama.

The work you see here is the original project.

My thoughts on this topic have broadened, and the images I am taking have developed in their emphasis. There are both positive and negative implications to the way in which the tourism industry is affecting local cultures, historic sites, and natural wonders.

It is an issue that fascinates me, and I will be exploring these ideas continually as I visit new places...