Its on fire at Feathertop

A couple of months ago I spent 2 weeks in Victoria with my family. On a day trip to the beautiful alpine country town of Bright we passed the Feathertop Winery. The winery caught all of our attention for some reason, it just had something intriguing about it. On our return trip we were dragged in, out of intrigue to have a look.

As it turned out they had a launch event on, a celebration of their innovative winery garden, with a Twilight Bonfire to boot. It was a beautiful location, with views down the valley, across the sprawling vineyards, and a hacienda canopy draped in beautiful vines.

We were only really there long enough to have a coffee, try to work out what was going on and watch a bit of the bonfire but I got a few shots of this unique spot. I'll certainly have to venture back some time and highly recommend it.